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Full text of "The Letters Of Horace Walpole Vol I"

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To Micharti  West                       89
Love often in the comely mien Of friendship fancies to be seen ; Soon again he shifts his dress, And wears disdain and rancour's face.
To gentle pity then he changes;
Thro' wantonness, thro' piques he ranges;
But in whatever shape he move,
He's still himself, and still is Love. See how we trifle!  but one can't pass one's youth too amusingly; for one must grow old, and that in England; two most serious circumstances,  either of which makes people grey in the twinkling of a bedstaff; for know you, there is not a country upon earth where there are so many old fools and so few young ones. Now I proceed in my answers.
I made but small collections, and have only bought some bronzes and medals, a few busts, and two or three pictures ; one of my busts is to be mentioned; 'tis the famous Vespasian in touchstone, reckoned the best in Eome, except the Cara-calla of the Parnese: I gave but twenty-two pounds for it at Cardinal Ottoboni's sale. One of my medals is as great a curiosity : 'tis of Alexander Severus, with the amphitheatre in brass; this reverse is extant on medals of his, but mine is a medagliitncmo, or small medallion, and the only one with this reverse known in the world: 'twas found by a peasant while I was in Eome, and sold by him for sixpence to an antiquarian, to whom I paid for it seven guineas and an half: but to virtuosi 'tis worth any sum.
As to Tartini's7 musical compositions, ask Gray8; I know but little in music.
But for the Academy, I am not of it, but frequently in
7  Giuseppe Tartini (1692-1770).          lesi's   ajid  of   Leo's,   Bononcini's,
8  Gray's knowledge of music is     Vinci's, and Hasse's works, he made mentioned  by  Mason  (Memoir  of     a valuable collection while abroad, Thomas Gray):—'His taste in  this     chiefly of suoh of their vocal corn-art was equal to his skill in any     positions as he had himself heard more important science.   Of Pergo-      and admired,... vocal music, and